Digital 4 Climate: Capstone Bootcamp

Are you a high school student passionate about combating climate change and eager to kickstart your leadership journey through a capstone project? 

Why Join

Innovative Learning: Dive deep into the world of mobile app development and digital solutions, tailored to tackle environmental challenges.

Leadership and Project Management Skills: Beyond tech, cultivate leadership qualities and project management skills essential for driving successful initiatives.

Real-World Impact: Create a capstone project with the potential to make a tangible difference, enhancing both your portfolio and the planet.

Expert Guidance: Learn from leading professionals in tech and environmental science, gaining insights, mentorship, and inspiration.

Community and Collaboration: Join a network of like-minded peers passionate about making a positive impact on the environment.

What’s Included?

Expert Workshops: From the basics of app development to advanced concepts in climate change solutions.

Mentorship: Guidance from leaders in tech and environmental science.

Networking: Connect with like-minded peers and industry professionals.

Capstone Project: Leave with a portfolio-ready project that showcases your skills and passion.

Digital Certification: A testament to your hard work and learning.

Are you ready to learn?

Workshop agenda


Lay yourself a foundation of User Experience Design (UX) and Mobile Application Building with our online material. 


 No coding skill required!

Day 1

Day 1: Conceptualize and design

Morning Kick-off: Start with Registration and a welcoming snacks to fuel your day, followed by getting to know activity.

The Power of Apps: Dive into a theory session on theory of digital innovation and how a meaningful mobile technology can drive social change.

Ideation Unleashed: Engage in a hands-on workshop to spark your creativity and conceptualize your impact project with our example case built just for you to ready to use as your capstone project.

Design Deep Dive: After a refreshing break, immerse yourself in the world of mobile app design, exploring essential tools and techniques.

Day 2

Day 2: Build, test, and showcase

Welcome Back:
Quick recap of Day 1, setting the stage for another day of innovation.

Development Begins: Roll up your sleeves for a practical workshop on mobile app development, where ideas start taking shape.

Test and Refine: Learn the ins and outs of app testing to ensure your project is ready for the real world.

Showcase Your Impact: Wrap up the bootcamp with final presentations, feedback sessions, and a closing ceremony that celebrates your journey.

Learn more about what we do

Helping young minds learn #tech4good

At TechBerry and Hackathon Thailand, we believe in the power of young minds to spearhead the battle against climate change. Our Digital for Climate: Capstone Bootcamp is more than just a workshop—it's a launching pad for tomorrow's leaders to merge their knowledge of environmental science with cutting-edge digital skills. This is your chance to turn your passion for the planet into a tangible, impactful project that not only contributes to your personal growth but also makes a lasting difference in the world.

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(We help each of you design your own app with limited resources, there's nly 20 seats available!)

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